Thursday, November 17, 2022

Communal Lens to a Crime of Passion: SHRADDHA WALKER

The Shraddha Walker Murder a case of Domestic Violence is scrutinised under communal lens. Old Phrases like "LOVE-JIHAD", "Muslims are Butchers" get repeated for wayward reactions, mostly Social media. That the suspect Aaftab Amin was a one time meat carver multipys this stereotype. Actvists are dressed up with Phamphlets vying for TV Time. Is even one spokesperson for Women at large willing to Financially support the kin of the slain girl. Such speech blares into Ether, dissipating like vapours and tickling the Twitterati for a week approx. They even have ready stats that more than 3 Lakh Women befriend Boys from another Religion yearly, leading to blood inside home. So much so that Administrations have caled for a pre-marriage certification to let a couple wed. Its easy to define a Muslim and not so much a Dalit. Dalit and poor are a wide section so it does not gather much much rage online. Last week's Supreme Court acquittal already is on back burner and ongoing rape of Dalit Girls a 2nd Priority in Social actors, because it gets into Hairs of State Administrations they can ill afford or posses werewithwals to spar. Speaking against Muslims has a surcharged audience bored and unemployed in a fledleging economy.      
   30 Percent Policing rest for VIP
Delhi where the crime was commited deploys only 30 Percent of its force for General Policing- rest are busy with VIP SECURITY. Out of a staff of 83,762 Pesonnel only 1 cop is for 364  Delihites rest secure the Politicians and Senior Bureaucrats. Likewise is focus of Reserve Forces who cater to the Power Cadre than care for General Public who pays taxes and their Salary. Are Actvists willing to raise the question, perhaps not because it places them opposite the Ruling class. Thus the Caste and Creed card is comforting and finds many backers in a Nation finding Revenge on Muslim - Hindu fracas that took place centuries back. When Shradda Walker's Parents searched for the Girl thats when the Police learn of the murder, or else for months the Body parts were strewn across the city with no Security Guard, Local Informers or Beat Constables suspecting. Local Gangs and other henious activity will stay unchecked with sluggish Community vigil and Law and Order Maintenance.
   Caste, Creed and Religion:
Is a Discourse of the wasted, who in armchairs comment on Love Lives of others and Caste Walls that divide. A communal unrest will flare when a Geographical, Family or Land issues clash. A Hindu of Uttar Pradesh may not have ill will against a Muslim in Hyderabad, but when Land ownerships and Family Honour are pinched within neighbourhoods the Religious card is used to gather Support. Its a Canvassing medium and platform for revenge. Caste is so embedded in India that Brahmins will diswon their Sons and Daughters if they elope or marry outside caste. Kids of Brahmins families who marry outside caste will be banished from Family wills and Inheritances. Its a rule in General with no exception. 
   Finding Answers in a Bowl of Poverty:
In a bottomed out economy, poverty of morals and character will reign. Crime has no Caste no creed nor is new, it will thrive as long as humanity. Fear of law and Justice is a deterrant, which is absent in Modern India. Wriggling out of the Law process is a matter of years or quicker if one is well heeled. In times when Secular is called "SICK-U-LAR" a crime will be viewed in Communal Lens.  

Thursday, November 10, 2022


SUPREME COURT's acuittal of Anamika Rapists for Lack of evidence, is few months from pardoning the Bilkis Bano Rapists. Both judgements consecutively cite lack of evidence, both judgements tear wide gaping holes in Judical process & Policing. Do we point fingers at Judiciary and invite Contempt or do we identify the lower rung of Constable Case building as rusted. The Nation is aghast at the verdict. In between the Bano and Anamika vedict was the Ban on Two Finger test for Rape Victims, which many states had done away with anyways. Two finger test is not actual humiliation but Ordeal of insensitive Constables who impose shame on Victim in Power trips, Sadistic pleasure all in name of Official protocols. Try visiting a Local Police station with a Harassment complaint, the Predator blurs and frustrating tunnel of justice overtakes.     
Rapes which get reported in small town India need the women to muster courage to visit a Police station, which is dilapitated structure of hardy and disinterested constables. Constables & Lower rung of Police lay foundation of any case, can crucify the culprit or inject doubt and deception if the palms are greased. A well heeled and land rich accused is almost on first name interaction with constabulary, far better than victim from the Poor or middle class family. They buy, tamper and twist evidence at the very beginning of investigations. Fear of the Oppresser, exhorbitant legal fees, unendng court dates and inadequate evidence will always will be against the Rape Victim in Small Town India. If the accused has a Political Vote bag, chances are may get a case dismissal as FRIVILOUS. So the cases that make National headlines either are supported by a activist/group or are from Metro India. Small Town India is feudal still in 2022 and Adminstrations want less to deal with.               
Its time for a Non-biased investigation of the Constables of Anamika case from office of the Indian President. Complete scrutiny of the Policng in this case and how evidence is tampered needs to be done immediately. The Police apparatus has slipped quietly from backdoor both in the ANAMIKA & BANO Case. PARIINDIA calls for a Immediate capture of Freed Trio in the Anamika case pending a President of India's intervention. The Honourable President of India who is a Woman from Tribal Background needs to empathise with this painful verdict and order a detailed enquiry of her own. Pending which the accused need not reintegrate with the Society or be able to prove a point to family or members of Anamika. Our Woman State Head needs to extert her influence and disallow such flimsy verdicts from letting people loose faith in ourJudiciary. Members of the NRI Fraternity to back the call for a President's Intervention in the ANAMIKA aquittal that has shook the Nations conscience.   

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Institutonal Flab; Violence against Women


Women vote share topped in the 2019 Ballot they are part of the democratic process more than ever before. Safety has turned gloomier, inspite new schemes, helplines, online apps, a dedicated ministry and National Commission. We choose to employ more office based managers, researchers and white collar academics to deal  Violence on the ground like Rape, Incest, Battery and Sexual abuse of infants. As a result, same old coterie of Women who write Papers, do Press, make speeches in Metro Institutions get posts in Commissions and Numerous schemes floated by the Government. Publicity and props represent Women Safety not urgency and intention. Inspite tech credentials, office support, Women Safety Organizations could neither bring immediacy to the menace of DARKWEB "Sex-tortion" rackets, nor could take up increasing number of Suicides and Dowry Deaths in NRI's/Indians abroad. When Inefficiencies exist in pursuing both these desk based functions, let alone increasing streams of violence on the ground across Indian townships.               


DARKWEB: Increasing number of Indian's are falling prey to "Sex-tortion" from the Darkweb, a haven of masked and false identities. Human Traffickers, Organ Traffickers, Child Sex Rings flourish, tempting innocent Indians with dreams and cash incentives. FEAR & SHAME are forcing Millions of Indian youth to Fall Prey. Youth who befriend on Tinder, dating sites, post on Social media walking into Blackmail traps & money extortion. In a already excessively surveilled Indian scenario, vibrant social media, blocking Darkweb access wont prove prudent as much educating Youth and hunting down sham call centres and online extortionists. More than 500 Indians fall prey to SEXTORTION DAILY.

NRI DOWRY DEATHS: An alarming rise in NRI deaths has rattled conscience of the Nation notably after the MANDEEP KAUR death in RICHMOIND USA. Abusers camouflaged behind Jurisdictional boundaries get shielded in play of different Cultural contexts and Western Police's crime priorities. A dead NRI's is a dead cause with Indian administrations, those living and undergoing harassment are not dealt with urgency as takes a low rank in the list of Bilateral issues. Women's Commissions, Safety Schemes, Consulates and embassies all paid by the same Indian Taxpayer are unable to co-odinate and apprehend offenders.                               



State and the Non-Profit sector Trade barbs, slight each other while infants right from age of 5 to adolescents and women succumb to sexual aggression almost every day. Rural and Small town India never gets serviced beneath National Capital's VIP Security and Metro India's Institutional duties. Rape cases mount in plenty, Police listens and act only and only for well heeled, Policemen donot find it mandatory to assist victims, corridors of Judiciary & unscrupulous Lawyers strip victims to their last dime, privacy and remaining sanctity of life.     


Hired workers of Indian Foundations belong to Colleges of Social work, who tend to XEROX COPY Classical Classwork lessons, theories which they test in Urban Slums. Foundation leaders tend to befriend Western Funders, import social work designs which address Western society. Not Indian. We are made to believe Social work community is not self serving. Its fair to assume India's Social Sector reports more to the West, its Press than connect with the Local truth. Communities remain unconcerned to victims, at times even get hostile, call them "the provocateur".          


a. Women Protection services need to be granted Premise Search and Rescue powers. 

b. In a Nation where Religion and Caste are the only determinant for casting the Ballot, Faith based leaders and Organizations need to be given some accountability to shift age old  Patriarchal mindsets.

c. Give equal funds and manpower to Difficult Terrain and Hard to reach Populations as much as Metro India. 

d. Centralise Foreign University Intern appoint across NGO's and Government Organisations to build perspective of dowry harassment and other abuse women face in India, Online and abroad.

e. Utilise Nirbhaya funds to tackle Darkweb menace, NRI deaths, and Trainings of Religious leaders and Local Police to Bring overall sensitivity in Communities.      

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Sunday, September 25, 2022


Equating Iran's Hijab Protest with Karnataka"s Hijab Ban misleads. Both so far separated in Context. Shenanigans is International Activism, who until now resolved Social issue on Desks and brew up fracas-exparte. Coterie of Human Rights watchdogs, would not care for Female Genital Mutilation and Women Poverty in Africa, they instead gun for Iran because of political stress, bitter history of the Hostage Crisis, Trade, Oil Wealth, Nuclear balance in Middle East and so forth. International activists partly parrot Govts voice, remaining part they glamorize suffering on Powerpoint. Watchdogs/foundations never step away from desks to read the Ground story, they egg on Indian activists to fight the Karnataka Hijab Ban on Schools. School Uniforms level out class differences. These Watchdogs tried to infuse Religion into school going children just to prove Indian State was Intolerant. Premise of School uniform is to stamp out out any Caste, Economic distinction. "ACTIVISTS" wish to stoke fires in Peaceful communities, draw lines between peoples.   

Approx 19% Indian women make it to workforce and 16% in Iran, a Country that has far better wages, Quality of life, given Oil revenues. Do Economic Freedoms measure for more in Third world or Flavour of Month "CAUSE" chosen by International "Non-Profits". Women and men both have rights over their bodies and clothing, what fuels Governmental backlash is International Press and Activism. The external nudge Irritates the States-so then lowly constables swing batons on streets. Governments come down heavy to tame. Whilst NGO's mark this for a landmark campaign in their reporting. Over Seventy years, pouring of development aid into India has still kept it at number 110 in Hunger index of 116 nations- what were these Foundations upto all this while? The verbose Social Development Sector formula is so predictable, they work with a list of adversary states, rip into social media, create inflammatory graphics, inject adrenalin, sit back and watch.

Freedoms in speech, clothing, lifestyle in women come with Economic Independence, but when they depend totally financially on men, the moral code maker is head of the household not a Government office. Communities reinforce these codes with a bolder Patriarchal shove blending it with History lessons. To truncate women from Livelohoods options and direct AID and equate freedoms with Developed world mocks women in poverty even more. Developmental aid evaporates in non-stop seminars, junkets & conferences. Never trickles down to its rightful recipients. Knowledge based solutions will NOT shift Ground reality in ASIA, until Jobs, skills and Food Security solutions include Women. We donot empower a Girl child by fastening religious scarf on head in classroom in Karnataka, we ought to watch quality of education and incentives delivered constantly so they not drop out of schools, we need to invest in women's right to work, so they live in honour and choose their battles. Let the International Social development apparatus NOT PIMP FOR RIGHTS after gulping down Development aid in Admin, Conference, Research, Report making and endless Training expenditure.

Its notable photo's of women in Gender inclusive project report never changes decades after decade, same poor attire and distress wear down expressions next to the neatly turned out NGO activist. A local Indian middle class Social work College graduate, emulates EU and US issues to create "awareness" in class of women many of whom are unsure of next meal. Bangladesh & China have lifted women out from Poverty by Jobs and livelihood solutions, Indian NGO's carry poverty around as a Trophy. Gender has become a city slickers term from Rural and Small town's hard economic truths. Nevertheless Global funds keep churning, more Media is circulated for GENDER, its easy to make a Powerpoint than deliver a Jobs plan in slum and shanty town.   

Its a myth Iranian women are second class citizens, denied car driving rights top decision making positions. Women are far freer than their arab counterparts. 5.86% of them are elected to the Parliament, not far from 14% of India. More women have access to healthcare, higher education, improved life expectancy and work in fields of sciences, stem research and other areas which were traditional bastion of men. More than 30 National Women level female film directors work on Gender issues and diversity. Does Iran need backing of International foundations and Newschannels on Hijab. External intrusion, puts off governments, makes women suffer more by baton yielding constables and get wounded on streets just because External powers interfered.  


Monday, August 22, 2022

GENDER VIOLENCE; Activism, State Instruments and Ground Truths

GENDER VIOLENCE: Activism, State Instruments & Ground Truths:
So much in News Cycles on Violence in India, Domestic Violence, Community anger, other forms spilling onto streets.Lately trending Videos have Women attacking men in Blue Collar Jobs. Lady slaps an Auto Rickshaw Driver, another pushes a Security Guard for unlocking gates albeit late. Does that momentarily Pause Women's jeopardy in the Gender Equation. We don’t fail the test of Tolerance - we operate almost always with class overtones-men & women both. Women face gorier forms of abuse, battery and are more defenceless despite,National Commissions, Helplines and Gender Projects. We even have a dedicated Ministry for the Women and Child. Nothing deters, because deep within a aggressor knows these Instruments can be dodged and the victim wont talk. Women are getting more reluctant to report sexual harassment. There is Statistics in plenty and is a running blame Game. 30% of Indian Women have faced sexual or physical violence. Women married to Indians abroad donot escape the brunt of physical abuse of partners and In-laws.      
Its not only slack of the state. Stubborn Social Factors are at Play, Patriarchal mindsets, preference for Boy Child, Illiteracy, Caste, Economic Class, even Terrain. In this backdrop - who does actually have well meaning Institutional disposition to care for the Victim. Are Social Agents, NGO`s & Non-Profits the Refuge or they chase ONLY the Trending the Viral, Media Savvy stories eyeing Donor Cash and some Publicity in bargain. Do Media Outlets from their CSR Funds and Local Politicians who draw juice against victims hand a single dime of Financial support from Party Coffers? Has any hapless Victim received more than Stripped Privacy? New incidents of Violence mean shelling of Administration and Police by Media & Non-and Profits,Politicians heckle one another other, life goes on. The lonely victim drags through the media glare, ends up a Trophy, even with loss of work/job.
Rape and Sexual abuse survivors in India submit to Family and Community coercion. Bullied to make "COMPROMISE, and uphold the "FAMILY NAME" and deflect "NEGATIVE PUBLICITY". A typical Indian family would invoke past family glory and caste above justice for a abused child. The Indian Social fabric, has many OUTSIDERS AND RELATIVES intruding inner sanctum of any family. A Distant "ELDER" would have as much gravitas at Home as much as Parents. Few Victims break free of such prompting. The Police Complaint can now happen.
Rural and Small Town India, especially in difficulty Terrain muzzles a victim a lot more,The third wall is Panchayat. Who assume a KANGAROO COURT, extra judicial kind of influence. They do not ease Pressure on Courts and Police they reinforce misogynous beliefs more strongly. Village chieftains try to mollify victim before a formal Police complaint. Be it Metro India, or Rural the Blame for Provoking Violence is on the Woman who are faulted for clothing and general conduct.

No surprise, Indian Police would deploy more Manpower and resource to search a stolen handbag of a Senior than investigate a rape. Nature of Bureaucracy and format are self serving, for the Constable its a job keeping them out of Rural poverty, they would like a happy boss. Structure of the Bureaucracy and Policing is so TOP heavy, INSULATED, only cases that find Seniors attention inch, others catch mould. Social activists and Media try lobby through Senior Officers for cases they intend to pursue. 
First Information Report (FIR) is drafted by a Insensitive Constable, the entire case rests on it. FIR is the Foundation every step of the system will refer to, be it National Commissions or Judiciary. Rape victims undergo Humiliating Hospital tests, violation of Privacy, cold hearted-hard boiled Women Constables to prove rape. India needs funding to ease the Ground Complaints making Process. India needs funding to give respect to clinical investigations. Our funding is directed to Institutional Structures, Elaborate Buildings, oversized support staff in Offices, Publicity of Schemes and General Administration expenses. Video's of well turned out Constables seem to deliver a far greater Media Frenzy than remedying the Ground Complaints and Investigation comfort that every Victim deserves.              
Will budget committees allocate more for Reporting level comfort and ease, Constable Training, and respectable Clinical procedures or frills and power trappings of the Seniors, depends on who presides on these Excel Sheets 
Irrespective of Gender, Domestic Violence or rage on Streets deliver a lethal Class smite. Domestic Violence is almost always about finances, Dowry etc. An outdoor altercation ends up in sizing up Class and Caste. Is it Gender Violence against women or the stronger have a free ticket against the Meek. Are we discussing an age old Malaise over again? We are made to believe a EVERY NEW SCHEME is a empowering tool, in reality its more Infrastructure and White Collar officials with Electronic Gadgets. Schemes are a dilatory show. Results will show when we instil fear that the State watches its citizens right from the ground level beat and well funded, Trained and sensitive Constabulary or First contact points, not through repetitive Social Media and TV ads and celebrity endorsements. 

Non-Profits and Media need to intensify Community Domestic mind shape-shift rather than spar with the state. The State is infallible, its people are caught in a time capsule of yesterday. Gender is a constant Training not one time or landmark Workplace/POSH/Sexual Harassment Committee judgement setting any precedent. We forgot the Ground Level work is ongoing, responsibility of Social and Media Actors is people not heckling the state. We are so much awe of fancy Visuals of Well turned out Police Personnel almost equate it with National Pride. We donot have a Video coverage or documentary of realtime harassment the ENTIRE COMPLAINTS REGISTERING PROCEDURE IS. Let the Women find seamless access to justice, let common people know the building block of evolved communities and prosperous economies is mutual respect and trust. The State apparatuses will tweak, when the Ground consciousness shifts.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Bilkis Bano; Lets Re-Visit our conscience not a Verdict.

We revisited a 20 year Old Conviction, freed convicted rapists with an outdated Policy. The 1992 policy of remission got redacted in 2014. Per new policy Life imprisonment will be served till end of life. This new policy applies to the State of Gujarat. Bilkis Bano was raped in Gujarat, her mother, 3 other women raped in front of her. Bano’s 3-year-old daughter was killed. Compare visuals today of sweet & celebrations of freed offenders.

Envision the mass rape, not a crime of passion nor a random act of anger, a co-ordinated group violating a pregnant woman, raping others, finishing off with murder in Communal venom. These men were neighbours who lived peacefully with Bilkis Bano until the communal flare-up. Can any legal argument hold that fourteen years sentence served is enough for remission. Sweets offered upon exit gives it a shade of Respectable exoneration. Is an abrupt pardon from imprisonment just? Every prisoner has a indefensible right to appeal, this is no individual who underwent remorse in incarceration. Almost a dozen individuals took turns to rape and bleed children to death, we offered them clemency? We need not term any case rarest of rare, compare it with Nirbhaya or get busy in legal lingo. Just like a crafty clerk the state shuffled 2 policy documents. The world is watching the state carefully juggle documents, let the convicted walk.

There is policy watch, legal talk, jurisdiction, state v/s central and more and there is a our inner-self questioning whether this act was reinforcing to our women and children. Our responsibility to defend every woman and child- has hit a pause button. If the Centre can track down economic offender to any corner, it also is guardian of all. Above all state is a MORAL CUSTODIAN.

Will all 11 pardoned convicts find gainful employment. What ensures they or their friends will not act in retribution to Ms. Bilkis Bano or her family. Would all 11 released would have thawed anger with promise to reset their life with some remorse. Community setting in Lower middle class India does allow for much privacy and personal security, would all 11 who walked settle back into the same neighbourhood forgetting wounds.

Raisina Hill and Centre possess overarching power over the Union. Let message on 75th anniversary of the Nation be, the state is a guardian. Let no one game our system, our conscience is above all a strong pillar of our democracy and values.